Over 28 people have been killed in several attacks across Iraq. A car bomb exploded today at a local market town in the north of Najaf which left 3 people killed and 17 wounded. The streets leading to the shrine of Imam Ali (AS) were closed by Iraqi security forces after the blast. after several car bomb explosion in the city of Hilla and nearby towns, six people were killed and dozens more were injured in Babil province, south of Baghdad. In the city of Tikrit, in Salahuddin province, in northern Iraq, the explosion of a car bomb targeting the police chief of the province. Three civilians were killed and two were wounded but police chief survived. In Salahuddin province, where most of the inhabitants are Sunni, after a suicide attack near a police checkpoint in Samarra, three policemen were killed and three were injured. Moreover, three people were killed and 15 wounded in two cars bomb explosion in Salahuddin province and two other attacks in the Shiite city of Wasit. Meanwhile in Baghdad, a roadside bomb targeting a patrol of Sahwa, anti-Al-Qaeda-militiamen, killed two people, one of them a Sahwa fighter, and two other bombs elsewhere in the capital killed four more. In an armed attack in Mosul, in northern Iraq, four people were also killed. Iraqi officials and experts have voiced concern over the rise in violence ahead of Iraq's parliamentary elections, which are scheduled to be held in late April. More than 6000 people have been killed so far this year as a result of a surge in militant attacks across Iraq.