The homepage announces " Zombie Day " with a headline stating " WEEEEEEEEEEEE "“WEEEEEEEEEEE” indeed. Twitter was a - buzz Tuesday afternoon as a screengrab of the apparently hacked Fox News website garnered viral attention. The homepage, edited by a source unknown at the time of writing, included a headline announcing “World Zombie day to bring out living dead” and another headline that simply read “Weeeeeeeeee. ” Stuff Yo. Here is the front page:The top featured headlines are all out of whack too. Take a look at the dates:And look! More " stuff " yo!UPDATE:3:20 p. m. - - Fox News has addressed the problemvia Twitter, calling it an " internal production problem. "UPDATE: 3:40 p.m. -- Fox News chief digital officer Jeff Misenti emailed the following statement to The Huffington Post. [box]“During routine website maintenance, a home page prototype was accidently moved to the actual site. As with any mistake in testing, engineers noticed the error and quickly brought the site back to its normal function.”[/box]