A 10 - year - old boy in Nova Scotia has become the youngest person to discover a supernova, trumping his sister ' s record. Nathan Gray spotted the possible exploding star on Wednesday night, with some help from his father. Former Royal Astronomical Society of Canada president Dane Lane took the astronomical images. Nathan is just 33 days younger than his older sister Kathryn was when she found her supernova.

" I was feeling kind of excited inside, really excited and kind of happy that I found one and knowing that I ' m able to maybe find another one sometime, " he said, mentioning that he had been trying to find one for the last six months.

" It kind of looks like a blinking star, " said the young astronomer in a CBC Radio interview.

While the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada confirmed the discovery, astronomers with the International Astronomical Union will have to use their large telescope in order to officially verify Gray's finding. There's no word yet when that may happen. "I'm going to keep searching for more," declared Nathan.