Britain and the US have been urged to release the confidential details of their complicity in abduction and torture of terrorism suspects during the George W. Bush term in office as the US president.
The call was made by the United Nations' special rapporteur on human rights and counterterrorism Ben Emmerson, who also accused Washington and London of years of official denials of the truth. Emmerson told the American TV channel Democracy Now that there were acts of secret detention, torture and rendition by the British and American operatives under the Bush administration that “constitute gross and systematic human rights violations”. He said it is now time that the truth about such illegal activities is exposed and those involved are brought to justice. “We know that the Feinstein Senate committee report into the activities of the CIA is said to be a very thorough and comprehensive analysis … the time has come, unequivocally, for the release of the Feinstein report,” Emmerson said. “The key findings of the Feinstein report and of a parallel report commissioned and prepared and provided to the British prime minister in relation to the United Kingdom’s involvement in these activities must now be made public,” he added. The UN human rights rapporteur further pledged that he will not stop calling for the publication of the material “until at least a sufficient amount of it” has been made public.