A notice posted on the website of the Small Business Administration(SBA) warns furloughed employees that it is a " criminal offense " to use federal resources during the furlough period, including accessing government email accounts. Although the notice is directed to SBA employees, presumably the directive is applicable to furloughed employees of all government agencies. Thefull noticereads as follows:
Please be advised, during the furlough period, non - excepted employees will no longer be permitted to utilize SBA email or other federal resources. Please know that use of federal resources while on furlough status is prohibited by law and is considered a criminal offense. Employees must NOT represent the agency in any formal or informal capacity.
The Office of Personnel Management(OPM) issued adocumenton October 4,2013, entitled " Guidance for Shutdown Furloughs " for all government employees. The guidance does not specifically address the email issue, and makes no mention of " criminal offenses. " The closest the document comes to addressing the issue appears under a section entitled " Working during Furlough "(page 3):
1. May an employee volunteer to do his or her job on a nonpay basis during a shutdown furlough?
A. No. Unless otherwise authorized by law, an agency may not accept the voluntary services of an employee