Contemplate these facts that: Foreign ministers of six foreign powers sat on one side, and Iran sat on the other side, And this that, those foreign ministers expressed their satisfaction of meeting with Iranian foreign minister, And this that, at the end of 5 + 1 summit, the U. S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, asked his Iranian counterpart to meet him for several minutes, And this that, President Obama demanded to meet Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, but he said that the context wasn ' t appropriate for the meeting, so, he postponed it. However, at that time, he was in New York, and some foreign ministers met him. Then, President Obama seized the opportunity, and while the President Hassan Rouhani was in the car heading to the airport, President Obama called him to express his respect for Iranian President and Iranian people. By considering them, we realize Iran ' s esteem and its strong position worldwide. The esteem has been obtained as a result of resistance of Iranians to the pressures, and increasing role of Iran in the world under the leadership of Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei. ByDr. Hassan Ghadiri Abyaneh