Teenagers look up to the adults in their lives. They expect to look to you for answers, guidance and protection. Here is how you can set the best role model you can be for your teenager. Stay very healthy. Your teenager should see that you are taking care of yourself both mentally and physically. Model good food choices as well as commitment to working out on a regular basis. Don't ever be critical of your body image. Doing this will project a sense of body confidence which should influence the way your teen feels about their body. Inspire a love for learning in your teenager. A positive attitude about education and learning on your behalf can foster a similar attitude in your teenager. Be sure they know your beliefs in education are important and worthy, and show them pure examples of how you continue learning as well. Keep a positive attitude. Being negative can be very contagious. By keeping a can-do attitude even when they are tough times, you can project the power of positive-thinking. Take all the blame for yourself. Don't blame problems on anyone else. When you make a single mistake or multiple mistakes, admit them and work on fixing them. Show your teenager better options. Handle problems maturely. Your teen will be inspired by what they see and take cues. They also can take cues based on your emotions so keep your stress levels to a calm fashion. Always show respect and kindness. Your teen will see how you treat other citizens. Always model helpful and kind behavior, especially to the elderly, disabled and other citizens who may need it. Don't ever use bad names even in fun because it can show your teen that it's okay to disrespect others. Inspire your teen ways to manage stress. This can include shooting hoops or fast walking. Assist your teen in uncovering stress relievers that will work for them. Behave ethically. You as a parent always have expectations for your teenager’s behavior. Always make sure you are holding yourself to the same standards. In your everyday actions, are you fair, honest, compassionate and tolerant? If not, make a decision to show your teen something a lot better. Inspire your teen to search for a cause that they believe in and get involved as well. If you were ever involved in a cause, share your experiences with your teen and why it was important to you.