The fundamental duties incumbent upon every Muslims is simple – the five things. Islam is like a big house. And every house has to be built with pillars and a foundation. And you have to build a house with some rules. The pillars are the rules. And when you build a house, you must follow all the rules. The five rules of Islam are: 1) To uphold the code of strict monotheism – not to accept any partners with God, not to worship anything along with God, not to say anything about God that you have no right to say, not to say he has a father or son or daughter or mother or uncle. And to bear witness that Muhammad is a messenger of the almighty God. 2) To observe the prescribed prayers. 3) To pay the prescribed charity. 4) To fast during the month of Ramadan. 5) To perform the pilgrimage.(Hajj)

One may ask the question – isn’t that difficult?

No my friend, it is not. Not to those who open their mind and open their heart and accept the truth. I put the matter before you – and you sentence yourself. You take the sentence that you want. You sentence yourself to peace and paradise or you sentence yourself to confusion, frustration and hellfire and punishment. Enjoy the bounties that Allah has bestowed upon you. May Allah guide us, may Allah help us. Amen