Are you forgetful? Forgetting homework is very ordinary among children and teenagers. They usually call classmates to ask what they are supposed to do for the day after. And that would be a problem if no classmate is available! Read on to prevent forgetting homework. At school, always write your homework in an agenda. Take time to jot it all down, and don ' t skip a detail. Record this in every class. If your teachers post homework online, double check to make sure. Try to do homework immediately after you get home. Do not procrastinate. It will get you nowhere. Establish a ' homework place '. This will help you click into ' homework ' mode and will help prevent you from forgetting to do homework. Also, make sure you pay attention in class to make sure you got the right homework assignment.


•    If you get worksheets, put them in a folder or even inside your agenda. •    Make it fun.