“Israel as a colonial settlement on Palestinian territories and the United States as a superpower now seeking to secure its military, economic, and strategic domination in the region have perforce created hostile conditions in which a cross - sectarian regional alliance of resistance forces is all but inevitable - and this resistance cannot be divided along sectarian lines. ” - Columbia University’s Professor of Iranian Studies Hamid Dabashi.
No sooner had the the ink dried on the agreement between Russia and the United States over the Syrian chemical weapons than the chicken hawks in Washington were bemoaning it as a strategic defeat. Across the Atlantic, Zionist voices joined with them in dissonant sympathy shrieking in anguished tones about a “Tehran - Damascus - Beirut axis of evil. ” US Senator Lindsey Graham led the chorus squawking, “At the end of the day, the Russians and the Iranians and the Syrians have won this contest and we have lost, and I really worry about what ' s going to happen in Iran. ” Zionist entity war minister Moshe Ya ' alon had previously told US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, “We must also be prepared for a long conflict and instability in Syria. We cannot let the Tehran - Damascus - Beirut axis of evil win this fight. ” To this end, Graham is introducing a resolution to authorize military action to make sure the forces of resistance engaging the US empire do not gain the upper hand. But with the Russian - initiated agreement on Syria stopping the Washington Wehrmacht in its tracks and US President Barack Obama even dropping hints of direct talks with Tehran, the neocon Neanderthals and Zionist zealots have gone nonlinear. “Israel feels abandoned after Syria - and I want to send a signal to Tehran, and Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv that we ' re not going to leave our friends in Israel behind, ” declared Graham. Zionist officials denounced the US pact with Russia as a sign of weakness, and, remaining obsessed with Iran, warned Washington against falling into the new Iranian President’s “trap. ” Let us briefly consider the potential devastation the Washington - Tel Aviv - Riyadh axis of evil could inflict upon humanity. Washington has an estimated 2,150 operational nuclear warheads, with approximately 1,650 on ballistic missiles, 300 in the US and 200 in Europe, which are deployed in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.
Tel Aviv has an estimated 80 nuclear weapons, stockpiles of chemical WMD, and a fleet of 6 nuclear - capable submarines, all of which are of vital necessity, according to US Secretary of State John Kerry, because the Zionist entity “must be poised and ready to defend itself, by itself, against any threat. ”
While Riyadh still has no atomic bombs, it has purchased billions in US high tech weaponry, more than enough to defend itself, and deployed them against peaceful, unarmed protestors within the kingdom, Bahrain and elsewhere. Moreover, the Saudis are also making plans to acquire off - the - shelf nuclear arms as indicated in recent statements by Prince Turki al - Faisal, former head of Saudi intelligence and ambassador to the United States who is now chairman of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies. Riyadh’s intent seems to be to form a NATO - like nuclear - armed Persian Gulf military force from among(P) GCC countries, thus “acquiring the nuclear might to face that of Iran. ” It is also believed that the Saudis have an arrangement enabling them to quickly acquire nuclear warheads from Pakistan, whose nuclear program allegedly received substantial financial support from Riyadh. Officials of both countries, of course, deny any such agreement exists. Consider for a moment the unjust asymmetry of Washington’s position in these matters. That the Zionist entity has neither ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention, nor signed on to the Nuclear Non - Proliferation Treaty while possessing significant quantities of nuclear and chemical WMD, is apparently no cause for concern among US policymakers. A resolution that the rogue Zionist state be required to come clean over its WMD stockpile brought by Arab non - nuclear weapons states at a recent IAEA meeting was rejected 51 to 43 and even deemed “Israel bashing” by the Zionist news media. Riyadh is openly seeking nuclear arms and planning a nuclear strike force without a peep of protest from Washington, but Iran’s peaceful nuclear program is seen as a “threat” in the maladjusted minds of these paranoid potentates. Meanwhile, President Hassan Rouhani has assured the west that Iran will never stockpile nuclear weapons only to have his sincere statement rudely dismissed by Zionist leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who called Dr. Rouhani’s words “fraudulent. ” Senator Graham, using rhetoric more bellicose than Netanyahu’s, completely ignored the statement of the Iranian President and bluntly threatened, “If you march toward a nuclear weapon, all options are on the table, including the military option. ” So while even suggesting that the Zionist entity submit to nuclear inspections is considered blasphemous by the US, Iran must submit to further scrutiny under the distorted lens of IAEA’s microscope, as Kerry indicated, “Rouhani’s comments have been very positive, but everything needs to be put to the test. ” All members of the Axis of Resistance have been tested by confrontations with the US and its colonizing confederates. Hezbollah has repeatedly thwarted Zionist aggressions and is now considered the 8th most powerful missile force in the world, a fact confirmed by the Pentagon. Formed in 1982 in response to the continuous colonial aggressions of the Zionist entity, Hezbollah has proved to be a powerful deterrent, foiling repeated attempts by Tel Aviv to wipe the Islamic resistance movement off the map. In 1993 and 1996, the Zionist forces occupying Lebanon launched unsuccessful attacks on Hezbollah and were finally forced to withdraw in 2000. Attempting to recover from their humiliation at the hands of the Islamic resistance, the Zionist entity unleashed a brutal assault on Lebanon in July of 2006 in a futile attempt to destroy Hezbollah, only to see its strength and military power increase exponentially.
Syria was a victim of one of the earliest CIA attempts at covert actions when an ARAMCO proposal to build an oil pipeline from Saudi Arabia to the Mediterranean failed to gain approval in the Syrian Parliament. To expedite matters, CIA operative Stephen Meade organized a coup d’état in March 1949 that placed Syrian Army Chief of Staff Col. Husni Zaim in power, who promptly approved the Trans - Arabian Pipeline deal in April 1949.
Unfortunately, Washington was not immediately forthcoming with the promised foreign aid money, so Col. Zaim himself was overthrown in a counter - coup in November of the same year. The CIA retaliated with another coup in December 1949 that installed a pro - Washington, anti - Communist, right wing dictator, Col. Adib Shishakli, who was himself overthrown by Syrian nationalists in 1954. This time, CIA chief Allen Dulles tapped Kermit Roosevelt, who had just successfully orchestrated a coup in Iran, to do the same in Syria, but Syrian counter intelligence uncovered the plot code - named Straggle, forcing Washington into retreat. The CIA made one more attempt at returning Shishakli to power in an August 1957 operation code - named Wappan, but Syrian Counterintelligence Chief Abdul Hamid Sarraj learned of the plot, arrested the conspirators and placed the US Embassy in Damascus under surveillance. Tehran has also withstood decades of undeclared war waged by Washington in the form of military threats, covert actions and economic sanctions. With the victory of the Islamic Revolution in February of 1979, Iran finally threw off the yoke of oppression imposed by the US - supported dictator Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, whose regime was installed by a 1953 CIA coup ousting the democratically - elected government of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh. Next, the US - imposed invasion by Iraq from 1980 to 1988, which is known as the Sacred Defense in Iran, was repelled valiantly and heroically by the Iranian nation at a cost of hundreds of thousands of precious lives. Then, on July 3,1988, a belligerent US naval commander launched two heat - seeking missiles from his vessel, the USS Vincennes, downing an Iran Air commercial passenger plane over the Persian Gulf, killing all 290 passengers on board. Yet despite this incessant onslaught of American aggression, Iran has prevailed and Tehran has emerged as the standard bearer of resistance.
Clearly for decades as enumerated above, Beirut, Damascus and Tehran have all been subjected to continuous forays of Washington’s state - sponsored terrorism, but in the distorted view of some US politicians, the opposite is true. For example, Senator Michael F. Bennet, from the state of Colorado, incorrectly insists, “Iran still continues to provide extensive support to terrorist groups that have conducted terrible acts of terrorism on Western targets in recent decades. ” Arizona Senator John McCain claims that the recent pact between the US and Russia on Syria’s chemical arsenal has only “emboldened Iran and its terrorist proxies. ”
This is while Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh continue to provide extensive support for their terrorist proxies in Syria. Nevertheless, Damascus has withstood the 2-year foreign-induced siege and has even managed to gain the upper hand over the foreign-backed Takfiri insurgents with the help of Hezbollah and Iran. While correctly observing that Syria has “become a safe haven for thousands of Al-Qaeda affiliated extremists,” McCain not only fails to condemn Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf accomplices whose actions have created this situation, but also this hawk wants to “upgrade the military capabilities of the moderate opposition.” Indeed, Tehran, Damascus and Beirut have presented a daunting and resilient axis of resistance that has shown itself to be fully capable of confronting the Washington-Tel Aviv-Riyadh axis of evil. My congratulations to all members of this Axis of Resistance for maintaining their respective dignity and independence by not caving in to the coercions and intimidations of the Washington warlords and their terrorist proxies as have so many of their Persian Gulf neighbors.