Islamic Awakening in Tunisia and Rashid al-Ghannushi’ by Hadi Khosroshahi is a new title published in the Iranian book market with focus on the Arab Spring in Islamic countries. The recent Islamic movements in a number of Arab countries have created a wave of inquiries into the nature and inner layers of the movements and who are their major leaders and who are the key players in the activities. The book’s writer has penned this new item in a bid to introduce the movements to Iranian leaders with focus on Tunisia. Rashid al-Ghannushi is a known figure in Iran and many books, articles and works by or about him have been released in the Iranian book market. In set off his Islamic campaign in 1975 in Tunisia and in April 1981 Al-Ghannushi founded the "al-ittijah al-islami" or Islamic Tendency Movement. Right from the beginning, he endorsed Imam Khomeini’s Islamic movement in Iran and penned a number of articles about him. His activities were monitored by Habib Bourguiba, Tunisia dictator, which led to his capture by government guards and 11-year incarceration. The book is organized in 7 chapters with an appendix which holds a list of places and figure names together with an album of pictures. The work begins with two interviews with Rashid al-Ghannushi about his Islamic activities. Furthermore, it moves on to elaborate on Ghannushi’s campaigns including the Islamic Tendency Movement. How Rashid al-Ghannushi views on democracy and the illegal measures of Habib Bourguiba regime are also discussed in details throughout the book. Bustan Ketab has released 1,000 copies of the book in the Iranian book market.