Muslims entertainers performing stand - up comedy is not a new concept, but a recently released documentary entitled ' ' The Muslims Are Coming, ' ' aims to shake up the American comedy scene. A troupe of Muslim - American comedians will tour the United States, entertaining audiences with Islam - related jokes in a witty bid to combat Islamophobia and misconceptions people may have about Islam and publicize their documentary. The comedians set up an ' ' Ask a Muslim ' ' booth and encourage passers - by to play a quiz called ‘Name That Religion’. The goal is to familiarize more people with Muslims and Islam. The documentary, directed by Iranian - American Negin Farsad and Palestinian - Italian Dean Obeidallah was released last week in the United States. The comedian’s publicity tour aims to demonstrate through humorous sketches that Muslims too have a sense of humor. According to Farsad, ' ' The genesis of the film began in 2008 when people were saying that Obama may be Muslim. The word began to be used as a dirty word and that was very alarming. Then there was the controversy about the mosque being built downtown[in New York] and there seemed to be a series of protests about every mosque. This all created a spike in Islamophobia. Comedy was our solution to the problem. ' ' As she continues, she hopefully declares that the movie will have some impact in parts of the country where Islamophobia is a bit more present. But so far the reaction has been really touching and phenomenal. However, right wing publications wrote three articles in the US attacking the movie before even seeing it – Breitbart. com, The Washington Times and The Front Page. They are concerned that the movie is making people laugh at them. Yet, people have to realize that Islamophobia is an industry in America. They make money selling books, giving lectures, going on TV and they are concerned because this is going to take money out of their pockets because they get paid to hate. Overwhelmingly the audiences have been great but some on the right are a little concerned.Synopsis ''The Muslims Are Coming!'' is a road movie that follows a comedy tour of Middle America. A traveling band of comedians visit big cities, small towns, liberal enclaves, conservative hotbeds, rural unincorporated villages, and everything in between to explore the issue of Islamophobia! They’ll perform, meet the locals, and take the pulse of real Americans. Islam has been duly tarnished by the mainstream media and the serious approach to repairing the political wedge hasn’t worked. We are so many years out of 9/11 and Muslim fear-mongering hasn’t dissipated. Whether it’s the mosque at Ground Zero, the perceived threat of Shariah Law, the NYPD surveillance of Muslim groups, or heated discussions of Muslims during presidential elections, the idea that Islam is somehow antithetical to American culture just won’t go away. ''The Muslims Are Coming!'' wants to change the discourse by unleashes the power of punch lines in reaching out to Middle America! If all you’ve ever heard about Islam is that it’s a dangerous religion, that women cover themselves, and that those shifty eyed Muslims have evil ulterior motives, this movie wants to give you a new stereotype. In every town the comedians perform, using the stage as a sounding board not only for punch lines but for social commentary and those shows are free – there are no barriers to entry with this gang. Each tour stop asks a particular question and examines an issue. The goal is to interact with people from a wide range of perspectives on the issue of Islam and highlight the various similarities between the major religions. At the end of the day, we all have daddy issues, all have too much credit card debt, and are all captivated by Instagram, Jeremy Lin, and Olympic curling. The only differences are on the margins, like yay or nay to pork. The ultimate goal is to present an Americanized face of Islam, create awesomeness between Muslim and non-Muslim Americans of all stripes, and get these crazy kids to fall in love (the crazy kids being Muslims and non-Muslims everywhere)! And this has been done through comedy, there are others doing it traditionally through speaking, lectures and books; others through politics. There are two Muslim Americans in Congress. That is changing people’s perceptions of Muslims. So it’s a collective effort, a concerted effort by a lot of people. Comedy has been used because in this way, the directors believe hopefully they can chip away at misconceptions about Muslims.