Iran is a global champion in the fight against drugs, and that extends to the sports arena as well. During the previous Olympics and Asian Games, nearly 700 Iranian athletes participated and not one tested positive for illegal substances.
The more than 170 nations of UNESCO have taken notice of Iran’s success in keeping athletes clean, as they have elected Dr. Lotfali Pourkazemi to be the new Vice-President of UNESCO’s anti-doping commission. A prolific author and President of the Sports Medicine Federation of Iran, Dr. Pourkazemi is trying to keep athletes from destroying their bodies, or cutting short a promising career. Dr. Pourkazemi said that his main goal will be to protect young athletes by educating them on the dangers of drugs. Dr. Pourkazemi said he hopes that his work will produce a positive impact at next year’s Asian Games in South Korea. Iran is hoping that this recent success at UNESCO will continue at the United Nations General Assembly next week. President Hassan Rohani will give a highly-anticipated speech and meet with many of the world's top leaders, including French President Francois Hollande. We haev a big responsibility to show the world, the athletes, how much it is important using of supplements. That all supplements must be checked by a lab, because they have a hormone or a microbe. Always check with sports associations. We believe that if we work hard, we can be really successful for all athletes around the world . Usually supplement is starting form young athletes - 15-16 years old. They go to sports club. Sometimes their education is not enoguh - somebody tell them to use testosterone, they inject them. They beleive probably labratory doens't show it. We believe in school, in university, and also all clubs all sports clubs and all sports field needs - every eductaion way ...847 for all atheletes that they know that how much doping is bad. Because when their tests become positive they have to back their medals, and the flags comes down and they cannot live in that city.904