Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited Sen. John McCain to Russia after he published a scathing attack on Putin in a Russian newspaper. Putin says the Arizona Republican does not have an informed understanding of the country.In an op - ed piece for Pravdaon Thursday, McCain contends that Putin is a virtual dictator presiding over a " political system that is sustained by corruption and repression and isn ' t strong enough to tolerate dissent. " " The senator has his own outlook on things, but I think he still does not have enough information on our country, " Putin said, responding to questions at the discussion club of Valdai,according to the news site Russia Behind the Headlines. Putin invited McCain, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, to participate in the work of thediscussion club in Valdai, which is a group of Russian intellectuals, politicians, and journalists that gathers annually and discusses the country ' s future. McCain said in a tweet he ' d be pleased to accept the invite should his schedule permit. McCain ' s article follows a Sept. 12 op - ed by Putin published inThe New York Timesthat argued against a U. S. military response to the conflict in Syria. Putin ' s articlesparked outrage across the political spectrum after he said America was not "exceptional" in its role on the world stage.