The Yemeni revolution will continue. That is what was chanted by the tens of thousands of Yemenis including Youth demonstrators in a Friday protest. The rally was dubbed “we will revoke the immunity and prosecute the killers”
The protesters demanded the immediate arrest of former ousted ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh and members of his cabinet. They are believed to have been involved in the killings of a large number of peaceful protesters during the Yemeni uprising. The Demonstration in the Sixty Square, also raised the notion that the former ruler is playing a hand in the latest attacks on public installations which have disrupted the Yemeni society. The Friday demonstration in the sixty square was not the only protest on Friday. In a separate demonstration-the Houthi-community also came out in large numbers showing solidarity with Syria,and against the west’s warmongering rhetoric against the Arab country. They believe that the international community should focus more on the nuclear weapons proliferation of Israel, rather than the chemical weapons owned by the Syrian government. Although the two demonstrations were held in separate locations, their message was that the Yemeni people will remain silent no more, against all forms of exploitation. Ptc-Well, in this demonstration, the protesters are simply demanding for the arrest of Ali Saleh while in the demonstration taken place just a few miles away from here, protesters are calling for the arrest of all corrupt leaders and officials as well as an end to western intervention in Yemeni affairs.