Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Bin Jedou said on Thursday that between 60 and 80 Tunisian girls who had travelled to Syria through Turkey to perform “Jihad al - Nikah” or “sexual Jihad” with Foreign backed Takfiri militants have returned back home pregnant. The announcement shocked public opinion and lawmakers in Tunisia.
Members of the National Constituent Assembly have called for the criminalization of Human trafficking targeting young girls that terrorist groups are organizing between Tunisia and Syria People’s Movement held a press conference in Tunis to shed light on the current political situation in the country. The party’s leaders have linked the atmosphere of insecurity in Tunisia to the Syrian crisis and foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs Experts estimate to 3000 the number of people who have recently joined the foreign-backed war on Syria. Human rights activists now rely on official government statistics to evaluate the extent of the scourge of human trafficking which does not even spare young Tunisian Women.