If you’re among the Apple iPhone users experiencing iOS 7 download problems, you’re not alone by a long shot. While excitement is high, reports of iOS 7 download problems are rife on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook where users are displeased at bombarded servers and a struggle receiving the updated software so they can hear the new sounds and see the new app behaviors too. Over on Twitter, people moaned about iOS 7 download problems as others excitedly described the updates, undoubtedly exacerbating the situation with a mixture of increased interest and multiple goes at a successful update session. It’s not just iOS 7 download problems users are describing — some are also claiming decreased battery performance was part and parcel of the iPhone update. Frustratingly, many users seemingly managed to download iOS 7 after connecting to Wifi and getting onto the server — only to be greeted with the following iOS 7 download error message: “Software Update is unavailable at this time.” While reports of iOS 7 download errors and failures may be fleeting, it seems the reports of battery life reduction are real and permanent — Ars Technica ran the new OS through their rigorous testing process and discovered some significant and disappointing data about the software update. The battery impact was felt most on the iPhone 5, where use was measured at an average of 661 minutes of battery life on iOS 6 versus 444 minutes on iOS 7. Thanks, Apple! There were also reports of excessive amounts of memory required to install iOS 7 — with several users expressing similar sentiments: "Lolly @LiveForJLS I've deleted every single app on my phone other than twitter and I still don't have enough memory to download iOS 7 ffs" Some people were not bothered by iOS 7 download problems however — mainly, the people we know as “android users.” One quipped: "Real Shit @stayfoqused I see a lot of ya'll upgraded to #iOS7 . That's cute, iOS7 is like an introduction to Android 4.0" .