By: Jim W. Dean
“Only fools believe what they are told, when it is clear that much else is being hidden. ”…Anonymous
Obama put another nail in his presidential coffin with the crocodile tears he shed over concerns of WMD being a threat to innocent people. He has joined a long line of American presidents who have supported the biggest WMD threat in the Mideast for decades…Zionist Israel. The only thing I agree with him on is that the public should act against those who support using WMD, but that means the world and the UN especially must get off their knees and respond to the Zionist gangsters and their protectors who are a threat to the US and everyone else. This is another example of the American public ' s growing awareness that their own country can be a national security threat to them. And from what I can see from the huge outpouring against Obama ' s Syrian gunboat diplomacy with its al - Qaeda oarsmen, the silent majority are waking up to how cruelly we have been manipulated by our own leaders. From John McCain and Lindsey Graham we expect the knee jerk war mongering. But Obama was thought to know better. His holding the line against the Zionist Lobby pressure to attack Iran based on the trumped up nuclear threat was admirable. Despite his coming out of Chicago mob politics we know that sometimes people transcend shady beginnings. The Zios had even snagged themselves an attack Iran ringer with Mitt Romney, and tried to take Obama out. We now have calls from Syria that to make the world a safer place Israel should also turn over all of it ' s WMD to international supervision, ' to protect our children ' as Obama would say. The Zionists were ready and willing to use weapons of mass destruction from day one. Declassified American Intelligence documents it all beginning with the 1948 war. They had agents combing war ravaged Europe to find any chemical weapons they could use on the Arabs. Military Intelligence(OMGUS) was even reporting Zionist raids on arms depots in the US. Steven Green in his seminal book, Taking Sides(1984), was the first writer to use the new Freedom of Information Act to expose what American administrations had been hiding for years, which if the public had known we could have better protected ourselves against Jewish Lobby treason here. Incredibly the Reagan administration actually was wanting to prosecute Green for his book but then realized how foolish they would look as they have provided everything that he used. But they did end up reclassifying much of the juicier material. Fortunately Green had stashed away all of his original copies.
In June of 1948, the Belgian Military Attache in Washington requested sample of stocks of toxic ammunition from a captured German chemical ammunition dump in Bavaria. A few days later, the U. S. military attache in Cairo reported that there had been reliable indications in Tel Aviv and elsewhere in the area that the Jewish forces were preparing to use gas to attack Arab population centers…Green p 57
The Neo - Axis of evil, the US, France and Britain, has a long history in assisting Israel ' s offensive threat capacity, especially with it ' s nuclear weapons. The French were first in line after the 1948 war when Israel ' s plans to become a nuclear power were put into actions before the last Palestinian had been buried. Phosphate deposits containing uranium were found in the Negev and in 1949, which led to the Weizman Institute in Tel Aviv starting its Department of Isotope Research. The bomb was on its way to Israel, one way or another. The French jump start turned into a long running program. From 1955 to 1977 the Zionists spent $600 million on French arms, including their first nuclear reactor, at a tidy $75 million. All of this material has been public since 1984. Although many people have heard about the Israelis WMD programs they were not aware of how much documentation existed. We did not have the Internet in 1984 to spread the word. But our governments continue to hide the story of how they created a Jewish Frankenstein in the Mideast, and we are still paying for it to this day. Using WMD offensively was always part of the Zionist plan. By 1957 Israel had unquestionable conventional military superiority over its neighbors. This was even publicly admitted by Israeli Secretary of Defense Shimon Peres. In an interview with the Israeli Daily Davar, he introduced the term “nonconventional compellence. ”
Yair Evron, an expert on the Israeli nuclear program described it as… “acquiring a superior weapons system would mean the possibility of using it for compellent purposes…forcing the other side to accept Israeli political demands.
The CIA reported the Israelis were building the Negev reactor which could initially make one bomb a year. This slow process had the Zios out looking for already reprocessed uranium. And where else to go to get it but to the country with the Three Stooges counter Intel. There was no safer place to steal it than America, and they have been helping themselves ever since, with only a few token prosecutions. The search story moves on to the NUMEC front company in Pennsylvania used to divert uranium to make more bombs in Zioland. Treasonous Jews like NUMEC ' s Dr. Zalman Shapiro recruited other treasonous Jews(recorded on FBI phone taps in 1968) to work in the Dimona plant and of course provide espionage services against the American nuclear program. The Atomic Energy Act provided the death penalty for anyone(but Jews) who violated AEC regulations with the intent to secure advantage to any foreign nation(like Israel). America ' s leadership cheated its citizens in what was to become an ongoing process up to this day of allowing an industrial scale espionage operation to be run by Israel against Americans without even the courtesy of a warning to the public. As I am typing the Zios and India have a joint ICBM program that will produce multiple warhead rockets for both parties. American taxpayers will have subsidized this nuclear threat against themselves and not a single Israeli or American has been executed for it during the entire time. The leaders we have now stand on the shoulders of those who have failed us for decades, and appear willing to do so indefinitely unless stronger action is taken against them. But such an effort always requires a trigger, good timing with the public aroused and focused on the threat, and then a people with some guts to stand up to the bullies and traitors. I have not been optimistic, but the public outrage over Obama - the - Bomber has encouraged me. Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad calls on the international community to put pressure on Israel to destroy its weapons of mass destruction, Press TV reported in Tuesday.
We have the best opportunity, probably of our lifetimes, to keep the O ' Bomber rage rolling and do some good with it. Let us join hands to pull the traitors in our midst out by the roots, and cut off all financial, military and financial support for this long time rogue nation as long as it remains an offensive threat to the rest of us.
If we don't do this now our children will inherit our government filled with Zionist infiltrators in the mold of Zalman Shapiro and their many gentile helpers. The Syrians have primed the pump for us with the blood of a 100,000 dead., with American, British, French, Turkish, Israeli, Saudi and Qatari fingerprints all over the murder scene. The real battle, the real threat that we all face together is whose security 'interests' will win...theirs, or ours.