Despite an impressive growth across the country, the problems Indian children face and the violations of their rights remain an extensive problem there. According to a new report by the United Nations, India accounts for more than one - fifth of deaths of children under the age of five worldwide. The report also says nearly 6.6 million kids died globally last year before reaching the age of five.

Although global child mortality decreased by almost half since 1990, India and Nigeria still need to do more as both countries account for more than one third of all the deaths of children under the age of five. India is booming in almost all sectors. But healthcare remains a major issue in the world’s second most populous nation. Experts say in order to achieve millennium development goal India needs to improve its healthcare spending as the country faces severe lack of investment in public health. According to the report the leading causes of death among children include pneumonia, prematurity, diarrhea and malaria. China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan are the countries where half of under - five deaths occur. The U - N report says the lives of most of these babies could be saved if they had access to some basic health - care services. Since 1990, India has made a lot of progress in bringing down mortality rates among children under five. But experts believe to achieve a lasting solution more needs to be done in terms of healthcare expenditure and nutrition among children.