Washington’s real purpose in reaching a deal with Russia over Syria’s chemical weapons is to “weaken Syria against Israel, ” says an American political analyst.
“This agreement on chemical weapons is very incomplete because the United States has been using depleted Uranium. Israel has been using phosphorus. And, if they were truly against chemical weapons, then we should do all the way around, ” said Paul Sheldon Foote, a professor of accounting at California State University, in a phone interview with Press TV on Sunday. On Saturday, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov clinched a deal over Syria’s chemical weapons in Geneva. Based on the agreement, Damascus has one week to provide international inspectors with detailed information on its chemical weapons stockpiles. The talks in Geneva came after a proposal by Russia to Syria that the latter put its chemical weapons under international control. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al - Muallem said on September 9 that his country “welcomes” the Russian offer. Washington’s war rhetoric against Syria gained momentum on August 21, when the administration of US President Barack Obama claimed that over a thousand people had been killed in a government chemical attack on militant strongholds on the outskirts of Damascus. Damascus has categorically rejected the allegations and even Obama’s top aide, White House chief of staff Denis McDonough, has admitted that Washington’s claims are based on a “common - sense test” not any “irrefutable” evidence. Based on a classified document from the US intelligence community’s National Ground Intelligence Center obtained by WND, former director of the US Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare Yossef Bodansky suggested that the alleged chemical attack of August 21 near Damascus was perpetrated by the militants to provoke a US military intervention in the Middle Eastern country. “In terms of this chemical agreement the whole purpose is to weaken Syria against Israel, ” said Foote who is also a Vietnam War veteran. Foote made the comments as a newly released report in a US professional journal, theBulletin of the Atomic Scientists, confirms that the Israeli regime possesses at least 80 operative nuclear warheads and has enough material to produce up to 190 more.