A stroke can rock anybody ' s world. It can ruin your life either early or late, but you don ' t want it to happen to you. Do you want to know the symptoms of getting a stroke?


Learn the indications and symptoms of a stroke. Taking note of these early gives the victim the best chances for the fullest possible recovery. The symptoms of a stroke are very easy to detect. The symptoms include: • Numbness or tingling in the face or extremities - especially on one side of the body. • Sudden confusion, difficulty speaking or understanding words and phrases. • Trouble seeing in one and / or both eyes. • Trouble walking or standing up. • Lightheadedness. • Sudden severe migraine to one or both sides of the head. • Slurred speech • Facial droop or weakness To detect the symptoms in another person, you could: • Ask the possible victim to smile / show their teeth - their face will appear asymmetrical or droopy on one side. • Ask them to close their eyes and stick their arms straight in front of them, palms down. An indicator of stroke is if the arm(s) drift downward. Say a phrase and ask the person to repeat it, such as " you can ' t teach an old dog new tricks. " If the person slurs, uses wrong words, or can ' t understand you, it is indicative of a stroke. Try to keep the person calm and rational when they exhibit the symptoms. Even though it can be hard, try it.


•    Check the time the person started to have the symptom(s) because you will be asked about this later. •    Detect hospitals that have a 24-hour emergency stroke center in your area and if there is, go to it with the person. •    Keep a cell phone or be near a phone. When a person experiences any one of the symptoms, call your local emergency number immediately.