A group of Israeli settlers have attacked the house of a Palestinian familiy in the village of Madama in Nablus in the Occupied West Bank and burnt it down.
The villagers say the settlers came from the nearby illegal settlement of Yitzar at 1 am in the morning. They drove to the house and burnt it to the ground. Soon after an Israeli military jeep drove to the area and prevented all Palestinians from entering the region who wanted to put out the fire. The house belonged to a Palestinian farmer called Raed Jadallah Nayef Nassar. His brother explained the incident to Press TV. Jadallah further explained that the village is under constant attack by Israeli soldiers and settlers. The Head of the local council explained that the house was attacked by the settlers over the alleged excuse that it was built near one of the connecting roads of the settlements. The area has a high rate of settler violence who specifically target farmers tending to their land. Settlements remain illegal under international law and has been a point of contention during negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and the Israelis. The residents of the village suffer consistent attacks from the Israeli settlers living nearby. The attacks include physical violence, burning down of olive trees and verbal threats. The residents say they are not receiving any help from the national or international community.