New evidence has emerged indicating the global Zionist lobby’s instrumental role in YouTube’s decision to block several Press TV accounts on the video - sharing site.
An article on The New York Times links the ban on Press TV to two consecutive complaints made by the Anti - Defamation League, the global arm of Zionist propaganda. According to The New York Times, in late July, shortly after the Anti - Defamation League complained to YouTube that the Iranian broadcaster was using its channel as a “propaganda tool to promote a wide range of pernicious anti - Semitic conspiracy theories in English to a worldwide audience, ” Press TV reported that it had lost control of its official channel and was no longer able to post new video reports there.
“Two weeks later, after Press TV tried to evade the blockade by setting up a second channel, the ADL complained again, calling the broadcaster’s use of YouTube a violation of American sanctions, and the Iranians again found themselves blocked, ” it added.
The article went on to say that “In late August, Press TV advised users to look for its reports on another new channel, which is now also blocked.” “The same Zionists that have tried their best in recent months to drag America into a war on Syria were also behind banning Press TV on YouTube,” said Press TV Newsroom Director Hamid Reza Emadi, expressing hope that the widening friction within the US power structure over Syria will eventually help ease restrictions on Iran, and, subsequently, Press TV. “The United States has been held hostage to Zionist lobbies for a long time; American media are control by the Zionists and even American tax-payer money is being used to fund Israel’s atrocities against the defenseless Palestinian children and al-Qaeda’s beheading of innocent civilians in Syria,” Emadi said, adding that YouTube must be held responsible before the community of nations for its biased approach towards Press TV as an international media outlet. The author of The New York Times article was unable to get an official reaction from the YouTube Team just as Press TV’s repeated attempts to seek an explanation from the video-sharing site has been met with a meaningful silence up until the publication of this piece.