A new report has revealed the Scottish government’s plans to ban all petrol and diesel cars from its town centers by 2050 as a move toward electric transport.
Scotland’s government has released the report to illustrate how motorists can swap to electric vehicles. Over the next two years, the government aims to shovel £14 million into replacing all state-owned petrol and diesel vehicles with electric-driven models and fitting recharging electrical outlets on the majority of governmental buildings. According to the government’s plans, first-time buyers have a £5,000 incentive to buy an electric car and £8,000 towards an electric van, as well as a grant to cover the expenses of installing a charging point at home. The government wants to cut emissions on short journeys, where ordinary cars produce a much greater amount of carbon dioxide than electric cars. Scottish Transport Minister Keith Brown said the plans to eliminate petrol and diesel vehicles by 2050 go in line with the requirements on air pollution, set by the European Union.