Tokyo has been selected to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, bringing to Japan a sense of elation it has not felt in a long time. By 2020, Tokyo’s already outstanding infrastructure will be made even more so in both function and design, creating huge new demand and boosting the economy. Having such a positive goal in seven years’ time is a wonderful thing for a nation that has been grappling with deflation and the aftermath of the earthquake. Above all, this new mindset will help revive Japan’s economy. Last year, more than $30 million dollars in lost cash was handed over to the Tokyo Police. Safety is not a part of a physical infrastructure, but a part of people’s hearts and minds. With strengths in both hardware and software, combined with a safe and reliable infrastructure, Tokyo and Japan is capable of producing one of the best Olympics in history. The Tokyo Olympics 2020 may also have a positive impact on Japan’s low birthrate, a serious problem for several years now. For couples who have been debating having children, for couples who have been hesitant about getting married and perhaps even for couples who until now never considered starting a family, the Olympics may make them think, “Let’s start a family now and go to the Tokyo Olympics with our first - grade child!” While three - or four - year - olds may be too young to appreciate the Olympics, a six - or seven - year old would certainly be able to do so. This may be too idealistic. In any event, it is clear that news of the Olympics has triggered a change in thinking.By:Oki Matsumoto