There isn't really an actual age that's best to get married at. Everyone and every relationship are different and special. It actually relates to an inner feeling when we feel ready for the marriage. But maybe this can help you finalize your decision: Make sure he/she is the one. You should know that, even though the worst of times, your mate will be there for you, and that you can grow together. If there is a lack of trust, reconsider. Think about school, and if getting married too early might affect your educational opportunities. It may be a smarter decision to finish school first. The truth is, as a new family you will need money in order to survive. Education is the best tool to build the financial foundation for your marriage and a healthy lifestyle. Think about where you will go, or where your mate will go if you get married. Are you ready to move in with him or her? Do a cost-benefit analysis of the situation. Will waiting to get married be more financially savvy? Will getting married now help taxes? Make it a point to discuss financial issues with your partner. It is important for a sold union to know what to expect from the other. Have you developed a budget that has been reality-tested? You should be in a position to demonstrate your ability to live independently before you think that's it time to get married. Getting married should be a matter of making life commitments - not a means of making ends meet. If you have a budget together and it's been vetted for reasonableness, have you then considered what that budget might look like if you add a newborn baby (or two) to the mix? These are serious issues and have life-lasting consequences - everyone needs to consider them thoroughly. How do you feel about your partner's family? Will they be very involved in your joint lives? How does your family feel about your partner? Consider how much you value the opinions of your family and assess the situation. Can you talk to your partner about private issues easily? If not, then you might not be at the right stage in your life and/or your relationship. Most of all, just know in your heart and your gut that you are honestly happy and this person accepts you for who you are and vice versa. Money shouldn't be the reason if you guys aren't as lucky as others build up together. That's real love. It's about being supportive for each other. Make sure you love one another. Tips •    When you get married, try to share responsibilities. It'll make life a lot easier. •    Remember: Marriage is not always 'a walk in the park.' It takes serious work and effort from both partners. The honeymoon does not last forever! •    Be sure to look at every angle of the situation before you decide. This is a life changing decision. It is important that you and your partner have similar and hopefully joint goals for the future. •    Pre-marital counseling is a really good idea as it helps you to work through all these issues in a logical and thorough way - yeah, it takes some time and dedication, but isn't making sure your marriage has the best chance of survival worth that sacrifice? Aren't the children you may have deserving of the best chance you can give them of having an intact and happy family that's prepared for what life can throw at them? •    Think about what you want for yourself in the future and if your mate genuinely shares that vision of the future with you. Warnings •    Never rush into marriage. Waiting until the time IS right can only make you better prepared for anything that may come your way. •    Be sure you're getting married for the right reasons. •    Never marry someone because you think it may change them! •    If the time is not yet right, wait!