Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry says three more people have died of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus(MERS - CoV) in the country.
The ministry said on Sunday that the recent deaths have placed the total number of those to die from the illness in Saudi Arabia at 47. According to the ministry’s website, a 74-year-old man and a 56-year-old female health sector worker have died in the western city of Medina due to the virus. A third person, a 53-year-old, also died in the capital, Riyadh. The health ministry also announced five new cases of infection with the coronavirus. A 3-year-old girl and an 18-year-old man are among the disease's new victims. On September 7, the Saudi ministry announced that two women, a 41-year-old woman, who worked in the health sector in the capital Riyadh and a 79-year-old from Hafr al-Baten in the Eastern Province, have died after contracting the disease. Saudi authorities say that so far, 96 people have been infected in the kingdom. MERS is a cousin of SARS. The virus first emerged in the Middle East, and was discovered in September 2012 in a Qatari man who had traveled to Saudi Arabia. In addition to Saudi Arabia, MERS has been reported in the Persian Gulf countries, France, Germany, Italy, Tunisia and Britain.