The Palestinian NGOs network said that the Gaza Strip population live in very difficult humanitarian conditions as a result of the Israeli blockade, the destruction of tunnels and the closure of crossings.
In a press release on Saturday, director of the network Amjad Al - Shawwa condemned the absence of serious international action to end the blockade on Gaza despite all human rights reports that had talked about its deteriorating humanitarian situation.
Shawwa noted that several international reports had stated that about 57 percent of the Gazan families suffer from food insecurity.
He warned that the power station would stop to operate any day as a result of the fuel crisis and consequently, all service sectors, especially the hospitals, would suffer considerably.
He also pointed out to the international report indicating that more than 95 percent of Gaza water is unfit for human consumption, not to mention its acute scarcity.
" All these indicators and more necessitate real action at all Arab and international levels to pressure the Zionist enemy to open all crossings before the movement of personnel and goods in both directions, " the head of the NGOs network underlined.