''Hijab is my right pride and choice,'' this was the message of tens of thousands of women across the country who took to the streets against the western culture invasion of Islamic values and in support of their right to exercise their freedom of wearing Hijab around the world. Participants here say that the notion of freedom has been widely used to target Muslim women wearing Hijab. They say Hijab covers their heads not brains and it is not the symbol of oppression as the West is trying to portray. Rallies were organized by the women wing of the country's largest politico-religious party Jamat-e-Islami on what they call World Hijab Day. Participants also remembered Marwa Sharbini, a 31-year-old Egyptian woman who was stabbed in a German Court by an attacker for wearing Hijab in 2009. Demonstrators slam the campaign against Hijab by western countries who they say have deprived the women of their right to live modestly and using double standards when it comes to the freedom of wearing Hijab. Participants demanded the international community to play their role in lifting the ban on Hijab in France, Germany, and other European countries. They also urged the government of Pakistan to celebrate the Hijab day officially on 4th of September ever year.