Whether you want to restore elasticity of your lungs, ward off parasites or just detoxify, a pineapple fast may be what your body craves. Pineapple helps clean lungs naturally, in part because it contains the enzyme bromelain. Bromelain absorbs foreign and diseased cells in the body, eradicating most parasites and their larvae. Pineapple also helps aid digestion and works as an anti-inflammatory. Steps Consult with your doctor before beginning a pineapple fast for the lungs. You want to be healthy enough to fully participate in and benefit from the fast. You also need to make sure you are strong enough to forgo other nutrients. Children and women who are pregnant should not partake of the pineapple fast. •    The fast should last at least 3 days and no more than 10. Ask your doctor how long you should fast based on your current health. Also ask about the benefits of a pineapple diet for weight loss if that is an area of concern. •    A pineapple fast can be especially helpful for smokers who are quitting. Smokers have noted that they feel as if they can breathe easier following the pineapple fast. However, it may take up to a year or longer to completely remove toxins in a smoker's lungs. Stop smoking at least 7 days before you start your pineapple fast. You'll also want to get rid of eggs, meat and fish at least a week before you begin. Eat as much pineapple as you can stomach to start the fast. If you're eating fresh pineapple, aim to eat a whole pineapple in one day. Consume ginger or wormwood tea, raw almonds, figs and pumpkin seeds daily. However, only eat these additional foods in moderation. Pineapple should still be the overwhelming majority of your diet during the fast. Drink laxative tea or take a castor oil supplement on the third day of the fast both in the morning and at night. Break the fast by eating steamed oranges or carrots. Wait 6 hours, then eat steamed or raw vegetables. Add regular foods back into your diet slowly so you don't shock your system. Tips •    Some people may find that consuming significant quantities of raw pineapple can irritate the tongue, teeth and gums. Continue the fast by converting the pineapple into juice. •    You can tell if a pineapple is ripe and ready to eat by smelling the base of it. If it smells sweet, it's ripe, ready and perfect for consumption. •    Remember to keep drinking water while you do a pineapple fast so your body doesn't get dehydrated.