There is a question whether Makeup and Cosmetics for Men is Permissible. It should be known that cleanliness and beauty are very important in Islam. Abdullah ibn Mas ` ud narrated that the Prophet(peace and blessings be upon him) said,' ' …Allah is graceful and He loves the graceful… ' '(Muslim) For achieving this, doing ablution(wudu ') - five times a day - and having a shower, doing ghusl, are ordained by Islam. Moreover, using perfume was a favourite matter to the Prophet(peace and blessings be upon him) who was narrated to have said,' ' I love - from your world – women(his wives) and perfume, but the delight of my eyes is in Prayers ' 'As for makeup and cosmetics, they are not originally for men but for women, who use them as a means of beautification for their husbands. Replying to your question, Dr. Sabry ` Abdul - Ra ' ouf, a prominent professor of fiqh at Al - Azhar University, stated, It is not permissible for men to use makeup, cosmetics, and the like, as these products are made for women, and using them by men would be considered an imitation of women which is impermissible in Islam. ` Abdullah ibn ` Abbas(may Allah be pleased with him) said, " The Prophet(peace and blessings be upon him) damned the men who assimilate to women and the women who assimilate to men. "(Al - Bukhari) Cursing means; driving away from Allah ' s mercy. Also using makeup, cosmetics, and the like is a violation of the rulings of Islam, as it is a way of changing Allah ' s creation. As for women this is permissible only at the matrimony and only for a husband, so that he can lower his gaze from other women. But it is impermissible(haram) - with consensus - for women to go to public places while using these products, as this is a temptation for men. As for those men who pretend using these materials as a kind of therapy, they have to consult an honest Muslim specialist doctor who can diagnose the disease and accordingly give the suitable medicine. But using cosmetics and make up is quickly removed from the skin by washing or doing ablution. So, medication should be under the supervision of doctors as Allah Almighty says in the Qur ' an,(If ye realize this not, ask of those who possess the Message.)(An-Nahl 16: 43) It is not also permissible for a man, such as a reporter or program presenter, to use make up and cosmetics under the pretence that he will appear on TV, as it is considered a way of changing Allah's creation, as mentioned earlier.