In an interview with a news agency, Mark Mason, a political commentator from San Francisco, has shared with us his thoughts on Vladimir Putin’s opening speech at the G20 Summit and his call for stronger efforts to speed up global economic growth.
What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.Interviewer:Mark Mason, looking at the relevance of the G20, it is supposed to be about speeding up the global economic growth or should I say recovery, in the opening statements of President Vladimir Putin kept talking about how there needs to be mechanisms, structural reforms. Five years after this financial crisis obviously the world is still trying to get back on its feet. How do you see this G20 Summit?Mason:Well, it has been overshadowed; it has rightly been pointed out by the international community, by the, I would say, not a “crisis” in Syria but the Syrian revolution, the Syrian civil war and the US sort of proposed illegal response to it.
The G20 really is about how the major powers in the world continue to exploit the third world and the global South. So it will be overshadowed by … in a way we might actually look at this in a constructive way.
If we can see a constructive return of the cold war, quite frankly we desperately need a return of the cold war where Russia and China somebody on this planet needs to tell Obama and the US Congress and the US corporate powers, we have to give them the word “no’ occasionally.Interviewer:And do you think that this crisis or as you said, the revolution in Syria, is going to stop any type of constructive efforts in terms of reaching any type of measures or game plan behind trying to stimulate economic growth?Mason:The economic growth is not on the American agenda; it is not on the American Congressional or presidential agenda. President Obama and the US Congress have no interest whatsoever in the American people and the economic plight of the American people. So, why would President Obama attend the G20 with any interest in global economy? So, I think it is important that the international community and the media do provide and apply massive attention to President Obama and the US Congress.
But I think it is imperative that we remind ourselves that they are servants. They do not have any power. The president of the United States has no economic power whatsoever.
He is a servant of Wall Street, the pharmaceutical corporations and military industrial complex and big oil.