Recent reports have indicated that members of the US House of Representatives will probably turn down a resolution authorizing a US attack on Syria.
A whip count by Think Progress has shown that an overwhelming majority of US representatives are either undecided or likely to vote against a US attack on the Middle Eastern country. According to data from the Think Progress Syria Whip Count, 26 congressmen will vote “yes” on the war powers resolution, 18 will probably vote in favor of it, 152 lawmakers are still undecided, 20 will probably vote “no” and 84 representatives will vote against the resolution. The data characterized 20 votes as “unknown. ” Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi(D - Calif.) has said she is not sure if President Obama could get the support of a majority of House Democrats for his war plan. TheNew York Times also reported on Wednesday that congressional Democrats are a major barrier to Obama’s plan for an attack on Syria. Meanwhile, a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll revealed major public opposition in the US to military strikes on Syria. The poll showed that nearly six in 10 Americans are against launching missile strikes on Syria over accusations that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against militant groups. Washington has accused the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of launching a chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus on August 21, killing hundreds of people. The Syrian government has strongly rejected the allegation. Texas Republican lawmaker, Rep. Michael Burgess, has said the evidence the Obama White House showed at a classified briefing on Sunday for such allegations was “pretty thin” and even indicated that foreign-backed militants might have been behind the alleged chemical attack. Former US congressman Ron Paul has also said that the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria was a “false flag” likely carried out by the US-backed militant groups. “The group that is most likely to benefit from that is al-Qaeda. They ignite some gas, some people die and blame it on Assad,” Paul, a long-time Republican representative from Texas, said during a Fox News interview filmed last week. Amid the public and congressional opposition to a possible US attack on Syria, the Pentagon is considering a doubling-up of its capacity for strikes against the Arab country. Pentagon is planning to broaden its strike capacity using US Air Force assets including weapons-bearing bombers. The Obama administration is also considering the use of US and French aircraft to conduct strikes in Syria as Obama has directed the Pentagon to expand the list of potential strike targets in the country.