Twenty leaders of developed and developing countries, as well as heads of international organizations are in the Russian port city of St Petersburg for the G20 summit.
They discuss the global economy and its challenges in the two - day meeting. Russian President Putin is hosting the event. Talks around Syria prevailed at the summit, though not formally on the agenda. The US and France are pushing for military intervention in Syria over the chemical attack on Damascus suburbs. This is while there is no evidence that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons of any kind during the two - year conflict in the country. Russia and China are warning the US not to take action without the UN backing. The EU is also against a military action. Leaders of BRICS countries hold a meeting on the first day of the summit. They discussed the progress of the New Development Bank which will have an initial capital of $50 billion from the BRICS countries. Russian President has held a number of bilateral meetings ahead of the official part. He has met with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, to discuss political, economic and trade ties between Moscow and Beijing. There will be more bilateral meetings among heads of states. Some will be attended by the head of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon as well as the UN and the Arab League special envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi. The talks will concentrate on Syria and finding a solution to the crisis in the country. Although no meeting has been planned between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart, the two might end up meeting each other on the sidelines of the summit.