Thousands of teachers have taken to the streets in the Mexican capital to protest against new education reforms passed by the Mexican Congress.
Reports say that angry teachers staged rallies and blocked access to Mexico City's airport on Thursday. The protests forced many passengers heading for the airport to abandon their cars and hurry through the streets on foot in order to catch their flights. Police also cordoned off the airport to prevent the teachers from blocking all entrances and airport management asked the passengers to take alternate routes to the airport if some are blocked. On Wednesday, Mexico's Congress gave final approval to a government bill to overhaul an education system. Last December, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto pushed through changes to the country’s constitution in a move to bring education under government control. The bill introduces mandatory teacher evaluations and reduces the power of unions in hiring teachers. More than 70,000 teachers went on strike in southern Mexico last week, leaving over one million children without classes at the start of the school year.