The cost of holding a standard funeral in Britain has increased by 7.1 - percent since last year, putting a greater strain on Britons whose deceased loved ones should be buried.
A report entitled ‘Annual Cost of Dying’ commissioned by Sun Life Direct found an 80-percent increase in basic funeral services over nine years. The rise in the cost of dying outflanks the UK’s inflation, where a standard funeral that includes a headstone and flowers amounts to an average £7,622 nationwide: London being the most costly place to die with an average cost of £9,556 and Wales being the cheapest at an average £6,096. The government has not met the rising price of dying with an equal increase in their Social Fund Funeral Payment Scheme. Since 2009 people on low incomes using the scheme had to fork out an extra £1,246 to £1,277 year-on-year. The study highlighted the main reason for the yearly increase over last year, blaming local authorities, who control disbursement fees, such as burial, cremation, doctors, and ministers or celebrant services. The funeral of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher cost around £3.2 million of taxpayers' money. Many Brits felt discontent with the high funeral cost when scores are living in poverty.