A recent study shows the name of Islam’s prophet, Mohammed, has become the most popular name for small business owners in the Italian city of Milan.
The study, conducted by Milan’s Chamber of Commerce and published on Wednesday, shows that Mohammed is taking the first place over traditional Italian names for the first time. The research found 1,595 Mohammeds in the companies list for 2012, compared to 1,383 instances of business owners called Giuseppe and 1,131 small businesses registered by people called Marco. Maria came in fourth with 1,095 instances in Italy's commercial capital while Ahmed got the fifth place with 615. The name of Islam’s prophet is also the most popular name for baby boys in London. Media reports said last month that the single variant Muhammad has topped the list in the British capital. Combined spellings of the prophet’s name made it the most popular for newborn boys in England for three years in a row now.