In a trial on Monday the Bahraini regime decided to continue to detain Nadya Ali and her unborn baby, based on fabrications, in a decision that exposes the regimes violation of human rights and targeting of women and children. Nadya has been facing false accusations, after she was stopped at a checkpoint on 30th May, during a security clampdown on the village of Bani Jamra. The complaint against her is lacking in credibility, especially with the plaintiff holding the power of arrest. Nadya has been held continuously since her arrest, although has not yet been convicted of any crime. Therefore her detention is considered a punishment against her and her unborn child, outside the course of both justice and humanity. According to her family, Nadya and her husband were stopped at a checkpoint in Bani Jamra village, whilst it was undergoing a heavy security presence. Her husband was immediately arrested, causing Nadya to protest his innocence. As a result she was verbally abused and her ID was confiscated. On visiting Budaiya Police Station to request the return of her ID, an officer handcuffed her and took her to the toilet facility in the station, where she was tied to a chair and assaulted with the help of two other policewomen. Following this ordeal she was falsely charged with attacking security personnel and transferred to the Public Prosecution, who ordered her detention. The violations by the Bahraini regime have been felt by all segments of society, with Nadya’s baby the youngest witness to the regimes terrorism and brutality that is used to punish citizens who wish to express their views. In addition the regime has caused the death of a number of unborn babies, due to the Mother inhaling large amounts of toxic gases that are thrown into homes by the security forces. People from all ages have lost their lives from this behaviour. The Al Wefaq Liberties and Human Rights Department (LHRD) have lodged an appeal with the Red Cross to intervene for the immediate release of Nadya Ali. The LHRD said keeping Nadya in jail for this length of time is a punishment for her and her unborn baby. They noted that her accusations are minor compared with the many security officers who have been released despite being accused of killing pro-democracy protesters. The Women Affairs Unit in Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society stated, “Keeping Nadya and her unborn baby in oppressive detention illustrates the methodology of the regime in targeting women and children. Nadya’s arrest reveals a deep problem in human rights in general and especially the rights of women and children in Bahrain”. Dr. Haitham Abu-Saeed, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace had also demanded the immediate release of Nadya Ali. He said, “So much is required from the Authorities in Bahrain, and Nadya’s case is only an overflow from the tip, because the violations in Bahrain are many and ugly, and they are documented. The reports we are receiving from Manama suggest that torture methods and disrespect to human rights have gone beyond expectations. The Bahraini Government is required to reverse on its wrongdoings and abide to international covenants and sit on dialogue table with the Bahraini dissidents”.