A new study has revealed that Britons who’ve been employed since 2009 received a salary lower than the estimated living wage, local media reported.
The report carried out by the Resolution Foundation shows there are now 4.8 million jobs, whose wages are lower than £7.45 a hour, which is the minimum deemed necessary for basic standard of living in the UK. “For most of the working population real wages have been flat or declining for many years and as a result more and more people have dipped below the level of the Living Wage,” said Matthew Whittaker, senior economist at the Resolution Foundation. "This means an increasing struggle to keep up with the cost of living.” The amount of employees earning in that category has risen 20-percent since Prime Minister David Cameron’s election. Cameron introduced the low-income jobs to spur an “economic revival”, which during his tenure has also seen the fall of the average hourly rate of a new employee from £8.42 to barely £8. Britain is among countries that pay the lowest on average as compared to the cost of living. Whittaker said “Britain has a sorry story to tell on low pay. Only a handful of our close competitors do worse and the large majority has much lower rates of low pay - sometimes half as much.”