An American anti - war activist says US President Barack Obama’s claim of having a limited and surgical plan for military action against Syria is anything but a lie.
“The claims by the Obama administration and its supporters in Congress that what they are contemplating is a limited, surgical and symbolic military strike is simply but a lie” said Rick Rozoff, the manager of “Stop NATO” Network. The US and some of its allies accuse the Syrian government of carrying out a chemical attack against its own people on the outskirts of Damascus last month and are paving the ground for what President Obama calls a “tailored and limited” military action against the Arab nation. Damascus has rejected the allegations as baseless and accused the foreign-backed militants of being behind the attack. “The language being used suggests it’s almost a medical intervention that is something humane and something that is beneficial to the health of a nation. It is just anything but that,” Rozoff went on to explain. The anti-war activist added that the US along with its military allies has accumulated in the eastern Mediterranea “a veritable armada of warships and submarines equipped with several hundred missiles.” “The US has deployed over 600 Tomahawk missiles in the region which could have a devastating impact on a comparatively small country like Syria with a population of perhaps 25 million people.” Rozoff added that this talk about destroying the air defense or deterring the ability of the Syrian government to defend itself against an attack and ultimately the enforcement of a no fly zone is hardly a limited surgical operation. “In fact we have precedent we know what it looks like. Similar claims were made before the air war against Yugoslavia in 1999 and lasted for 74 days.” He added that the US and its allies intend “to wage an active military aggression against a sovereign nation." “Once the monsters are let out of the Pandora’s box it’s impossible to put it back again,” he concluded.