Five Muslim organizations came together to protest at Jantar Mantar in Central Delhi, against the US’s plan to wage a illegal war against Syria based on lies.
The US President Barack Obama has announced his decision to take military action against Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons.
Expressing anguish over the plan the organizations, under the banner of National Council of Shia Ulema, termed it a “clear violation of international norms.
They said the US had made similar pretexts against Iraq but could not be substantiated. Now they have made baseless allegations against Syria.
The protesters shouted slogans and carried placards condemning the US’s hegemonic and imperialistic policies affecting the stability of the region and the silence of the international community against the barbaric act.
Addressing the protestors, several speakers sought immediate intervention by the UN to prevent a possible US attack on Syria. They in one voice said that this may lead to another genocide of innocent people similar to Afghanistan and Iraq.
Unanimously condemning the US’s planned assault on Syria, the speakers led by Maulana Syed Jalal Haider Naqvi - Joint Secretary Majlis Ulema - e - Hind, Mohd Yunus Siddique - President All India Muslim Unity Front, Maulana Azim Zaidi - President Wal - Fajr Foundation at Lucknow, Firoz Rabbani - President Kargil Students Union and Laxman Singh - Scholar - Jawaharlal Nehru University, called the action could be very dangerous. “If not stopped this could lead political instability in the region in particular and across the globe in general.
The speakers also expressed their deep anger and anguish over complete silence of world community.
Criticizing the United Nations and other democratic governments of the world speakers said that their reactions are very mild and they seem to be only lip service.
Noting that history is witnessed that from the illegal invasion of Afghanistan till today there have been several military interventions by this warmonger and all were based on inventing baseless excuses and allegations, the speakers warned any military incursion in Syria will further deteriorate the already volatile situation of the region.
Later - on a Memorandum, asking international community to break the silence and play a constructive role in stopping the catastrophe planned by the US, was presented to the United Nations office in New Delhi.
The Memorandum demanded that it’s the moral responsibility of the UN, formed with the objective of assisting the oppressed countries at the hands of the oppressors, to play pivotal role. Clip the wings of this belligerent nation and prove potency by taking constructive action against it for building peace across the globe in general and in the region in particular.
It also demand to find diplomatic solutions, encourage broad national dialogues that reflect the legitimate aspirations of all sections of Syrian society and respect Syrian independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty.
Majlis Ulama - e - Hind, All India Muslims Unity Front, Wal - Fajr Foundation and Kargil Students Union also took part in the protest.