The British government has called for investigations into the Sunday clashes in the Ashraf camp, where around 100 members of the terrorist Mohahedin - e - Khalq terrorist group live.
The clashes at the camp north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad left a number of MKO terrorists killed with the British-backed terrorist organization claiming more than 50 in casualties. “I am appalled to hear of the violence at Camp Ashraf in Iraq, which we understand has resulted in the death of many camp residents. We condemn this utterly, and our thoughts go out to the families of the victims,” British Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt said. “The Government of Iraq must also do everything necessary to ensure the safety of the residents and care for survivors, and must conduct an urgent and transparent investigation into what took place, and ensure those responsible are brought to justice,” Burt added. The MKO was formed in the 1960’s to oppose the Iranian pre-Islamic revolution Pahlavi dictatorship and took up arms against the Islamic republic after the 1979 revolution. The grouping is responsible for numerous acts of terror against Iranian civilians and officials. Last December, a former MKO member Massoud Khodabandeh said in an interview with Press TV that Britain and other western governments are financially and politically supporting the terrorist group-let. “I don’t see any terrorist organization capable of continuing, unless somebody wants it. Somebody has got to want this terrorist organization [MKO], somebody has got to finance it and somebody has got to arm it,” Khodabandeh told Press TV’s political program ‘The Monarchy’. “One of the reasons that I am saying they have support is; not facing them directly to stop their violent activities in the West and to stop their money laundering in the West. When I say money laundering, I have been in it, I have seen it. This is not an unknown concept for the British government,” he added. Most of MKO residents in Camp Ashraf have been moved to another site named Camp Liberty in Iraq as Baghdad pursues plans of their full expulsion from the country. Last year, a British company bought the movable property of Camp Ashraf worth $25 million amid plans that it also wants to buy the site itself. Britain remains one of the few countries in the world that have allowed the terrorist grouping open up offices there.