A new report shows that the communications of both Brazilian and Mexican presidents have been targeted by the US spy agency NSA.
The report was presented on Sunday by journalist Glenn Greenwald on the Brazilian television program Fantastico. The report was based on leaked documents by former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden. According to Greenwald, one of the leaked documents shows that the NSA monitored the emails of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. The document was dated June 2012, a month before Nieto was elected as president and indicated whom he would like to name to some government posts. In addition, the document showed that the emails of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff were also intercepted with the help of DNI Presenter, which is a program used by the NSA to open and read online communications. Brazilian Justice Minister Eduardo Cardozo responded to the report, saying that “if the facts of the report are confirmed, they would be considered very serious and would constitute a clear violation of Brazil’s sovereignty.” “This is completely outside the standard of confidence expected of a strategic partnership, as the US and Brazil have,” Cardozo added. The new disclosures came two months after Greenwald in another report cited documents leaked by Snowden that the NSA had collected data on billions of Brazilian emails and telephone calls, which made Brazil the largest target in Latin America. On August 29 during an official visit to the United States, the Brazilian justice minister criticized Washington for spying on Brazilian companies and individuals, saying the surveillance violated the country’s sovereignty. Greenwald, a Brazilian resident, is the journalist who first published the documents Edward Snowden leaked in May.