US President Barack Obama is domestically and internationally isolated for his decision to launch military strikes against Syria, a political analyst said.
“Obama is left totally isolated domestically, totally isolated internationally. He has Saudi Arabia, Israel,[and] Turkey as his main props for any kind of intervention, ” James Petras told Press TV.
“I think that the US Congress is in conundrum now. They don’t know how to act. The schedule first meeting won’t be until September 8th of Congress if there’s going to be any debate, ” he added.
President Obama announced last week that he decided to attack Syria over the allegations that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. A team of United Nations inspectors, however, has not approved the claim. On Saturday, the White House formally asked Congress for authorization to conduct military strikes against Syria. “The objective of the United States use of military force in connection with this authorization should be to deter, disrupt, prevent and degrade the potential for future uses of chemical weapons or other weapons of mass destruction,” the White House said in a draft resolution. The analyst also said al-Qaeda would be the “main beneficiary” of the US attack on Syria.