The recent comments of US State Secretary John Kerry on the alleged chemical attack in Syria are based “upon fabrications and / or distortions, ” says Eric Draitser, founder of StopImperialism. com.
“For instance, social media reports and journalists’ accounts are being used as primary sources to make this case, when of course everybody knows that the US has long had the ability to manipulate Facebook, Twitter and other social media,” Draitser told Press TV on Monday. Kerry claimed on Sunday that tests showed Sarin gas was used in a deadly chemical attack near Damascus on August 21 implicating the Syrian government in the attack. The Syrian government categorically rejected the allegation. Draitser said the US “has the ability to fabricate videos and they have rebel proxies that are on the ground inside of Syria.” He said comparing the historical records of militant group Al-Nusra with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad clearly proves “which of those two is capable of carrying out such an assault” and which of the two has “the motive, the means and the opportunity.” “Only the terrorist rebels benefit from the chemical attack,” he continued. Earlier, former US congressman Ron Paul said that the reported chemical attack is a “false flag” that only benefits the militant groups who have been fighting Syrian government forces for that past two and a half years. “The group that is most likely to benefit from that is al-Qaeda. They ignite some gas, some people die and blame it on Assad,” the long-time Republican representative from Texas, said during a Fox News interview filmed Wednesday.