Police have arrested 16 people attending a demonstration at a nuclear weapons facility owned by UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment(AWE).
The rally started on early Monday in the southern village Burghfield, Berkshire with protestors storming the site, trying to blockade its access points, including a public highway. The civil resistance group have targeted their campaign at Britain’s nuclear weapons policy. They want disarmament of nukes and a halt to the UK’s Trident nuclear missile system. The movement claims to be non-violent. AWE said the Ministry of Defence Police and the Thames Valley Police were on-site and cooperating with internal security to manage the situation. Chief Inspector Lindsey Finch said, "We will continue to work with protesters to facilitate peaceful protest and ensure that any criminal activity is dealt with proportionately." The British prime minister, David Cameron, has pushed to renew the intercontinental nuclear ballistic submarines, which according to Greenpeace will cost at least £34 billion.