At least five people have been killed after a powerful bomb explosion rocked Afghanistan’s southern city of Kandahar.
According to local officials, the blast took place at a police checkpoint near a bank on Saturday. The deadly incident left 20 others injured. They are said to be in critical condition. The bomb blast also damaged several buildings and cars around. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the explosion, but Afghan officials often blame the Taliban for similar attacks. On Friday, a bomb attack at a mosque in Dashti Archi District of Kunduz province killed district governor Sayed Sadruddin and at least seven others. They had gone to the mosque to attend a funeral ceremony for a tribal elder, said Kunduz provincial police spokesman Sayed Sarwar Hossaini. The Taliban militant have escalated attacks against Afghan and foreign forces in recent months. Insecurity remains in Afghanistan despite the presence of thousands of foreign forces, more than a decade after the US-led invasion of the country in 2001. Over the past few days, bomb attacks carried out by the Taliban militants have left more than 30 people dead and more than 80 others injured in the country.