Russia has denied reports that its representative walked out on a British - proposed resolution in the UN Security Council that called on the council’s five permanent members to endorse action against Syria.
Britain tabled the draft resolution late on Wednesday as drumbeat of war by London and its allies against Syria get louder. The west claims Syrian government carried out a chemical attack against foreign-backed terrorists in a suburb of the Syrian capital last Wednesday amid Damascus’s denial and doubts whether any chemical attack has occurred. The United States, which has been leading the anti-Syria accusations, has not tabled any evidence on its claims while the United Nations weapons inspectors in Syria have not endorsed the allegations. Reports said on Wednesday that the Russian and Chinese officials left the Security Council meeting after US Permanent Representative Samantha Power called for an immediate action in Syria, Interfax reported. However, later Itar-Tass cited a source at Russia’s permanent mission to the UN as saying “the Russian representative went out when the meeting ended. That was not a demarche. It is just that some of the delegations did not leave for a long time”. In the meeting, Russia had reiterated its objections to international intervention in the Syrian crisis. The Security Council meeting was held behind closed doors with the presence of the representatives of Russia, China, France, US and Britain.