Syria ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Ja ' afari has accused the US and its allies of trying to undermine a UN investigation into the use of chemical weapons in his country.
Ja’afari told reporters on Wednesday that the West’s threats of military action against Syria aim to prevent the investigating UN team from issuing a report proving the innocence of the Syrian government. He also accused Washington of going beyond the UN Security Council by moving toward military action against Syria, stressing that the Security Council is the only body competent to decide on any action on Syria with regard to the use of chemical weapons. Ja ' afari said Washington ' s anti - Damascus measures are aimed at protecting Israeli interests. He also accused the US of violating Security Council rules by moving to intervene militarily in Syria.
“The Security Council is the only body entrusted and mandated with the very noble mission of maintaining peace and security[in the world] and preventing aggression. It ' s up to the Security Council only and exclusively to deal with this issue, ” he said, adding, “It ' s not up to the United States or anybody else to aggress any nation, member of the United Nations, on baseless allegations…”
He made the remarks after five permanent members of the UN Security Council finished a closed-door meeting to discuss a British proposal for a draft resolution demanding a swift response to an alleged chemical weapon attack near Damascus on August 21, which killed hundreds. He also called for a UN investigation into three recent chemical attacks by militants in Damascus countryside. Ja'afari said that militant groups operating in his country have obtained sarin gas from sources outside Syria, including Turkey Saudi Arabia and Qatar.