As the world is busy debating whether Syrian President Bashar al - Assad did indeed use chemical weapons against its own people or if he is instead the victim of a somber plot hatched by foreign powers to " legitimize " their invasion of yet another Muslim country, Israel is calculatingly moving against Islam ' s beating heart, the al - Aqsa Mosque in al - Quds(Jerusalem).
While Muslims worldwide are dissecting and assessing their political affiliations - - pro or anti - - the Zionist entity of Israel is using such engineered confusion to inconspicuously carry out an aggression against Islam of such magnitude that only a few have dared fathom it, let alone warned against it. Israel is looking to build a temple on the ground of al - Aqsa Mosque, thus desecrating Islam ' s third most sacred place after Mecca and Medina, thus sullying the very ground which the prophet of God, Mohammed(PBUH), walked upon, which the prophets of God before him walked upon and used to glorify Allah and His creation.
At a time when Muslims are fighting among each other, arguing over which school of thoughts - - Sunni or Shiite - - holds the greater truth or the greatest legitimacy, at a time when brothers have declared war on one another over religious semantic, the Zionists are closing the net on al - Quds, bent on claiming Palestine their own by erasing Islam from its landscape.
Just as Mecca has become a spiritual link to the divine, a place where worshipers come to purify their religion and their soul, al - Aqsa is in many ways Islam ' s beating heart, the connection of one people to the long lineage of God ' s prophets. While Palestinians and scholars have for decades warned the world against such a plot to sever Muslims ' link to the sacred, most paid no heed to " such conspiracy ", shrugging under the rug such prophecies of gloom, preferring instead to believe that the world ' s nations would never dare, for all their talks of justice, equality and tolerance, stand for such abominable sacrilege against one ' s faith. Looking back it would be foolish to believe that a nation which built the cornerstone of its state on the blood of thousands of Palestinians and erected its institutions on stolen Palestinian land could ever behave humanely before a people it despises above all. Just as a tiger cannot change its stripes, the Jewish state will forever plot the destruction of Islam; believing otherwise is pure delusion.Judaization of al - QudsThe Christian - Muslim Commission for support of Jerusalem and holy sites has announced last week it will lodge a complaint against Yishai - the Israeli organization which stands behind the planned destruction of al - Aqsa - before the UN institutions and the Human Rights Council. However, since it has already been confirmed that Yishai obtained all the requisite authorizations and permits from Israeli state officials, the matter will in all likelihood be lost amid red tape, vetoed against by Israel ' s powerful international lobby. Dr Hanna Eisa, the Secretary General of the commission told the press that " Yishai has secretly obtained official permits for the construction in the third holiest site for Muslims. " She told Gulf News last week, “This is a serious plan aimed at planting Jewish existence within the Muslim sacred area. " And indeed, when completed, the new synagogue will sat in front of al - Marwani prayer area, thus preventing Muslims to congregate. It is difficult to fathom just how Israel will ever pretend to justify such a move. But more troubling yet, one should ponder over the security measures the Jewish state will put in place to guarantee the safety of its worshipers, and to preempt against expected outburst of violence on site. The synagogue will undoubtedly lead to mass protests and potentially to clashes as crowds will feel so violated within their faith that they will feel no other alternative but to react.
Any form of violence will give Israel the justification it needs before the international community to violently and mercilessly crackdown on protesters, thus laying waste al - Aqsa ' s last line of defense before its complete and utter annihilation.
Israel wants Muslims to find themselves behaving erratically; Israel wants to paint Islam as a religion which professes bloodshed and war as to continue to feed its propaganda and misinformation machine; it wants the world to stand in horror as Muslims trample under their feet the images of their enemies, never stopping to question whose weapon it was which fired first or whose blade it was which draw first blood. Doomed if we do, doomed if we don ' t, Muslims would have soon to learn that while alone they will walk against many, by standing together the world ' storms will break on their backs, never to defeat or weaken them. Israel ' s plan to Judaize al - Quds is over two decades old. Since 1994 the Jewish government has systematically used its military to forcibly take over mosques and religious establishments to transform them into Synagogues, thus slowly erasing Islam presence from the Holy city. Israel is not only committing a sacrilege against Islam, it seeks to eradicate Islam from Palestine to reclaim History as its own. By destroying Islam, the Jews are looking to rewrite their past and forever pretend that they are the chosen people of God awaiting their Messiah. By destroying Islam ' s place of worships it is God ' s Truth the state of Israel is trying to forever bury under the sand of Palestine. Proofs of such a conspiracy are legion; for example, the Israeli army has been preventing Muslims from entering a mosque in the village of An - Nabi Samuel in the northwest of al - Quds on account that the site is being converted into a synagogue. In August, Tel Aviv announced it would turn Nabi Daud Mosque which is located southwest of al - Aqsa Mosque into yet another synagogue. Media silence continues to cloud the affair, which in many ways raises some troubling questions over not only the integrity of the press but its independence. As Voltaire - French writer and historian - once said, " To announce truths is an infallible receipt for being persecuted. "

[box type = " info " font = " verdana " fontsize = " 12 " radius = " 10 "]Catherine Shakdamis a commentator and political risk consultant. Her writings have appeared in Foreign Policy Association, the Guardian and Majalla among many others. Based in the UK, she worked in collaboration with Yemen Human Rights Minister on shaping new policies to protect women rights.[/ box]